Unilag “AfriCaribbean” Festival: THE SHOW MUST GO ON…RAIN OR NO RAIN

I and CuteKimani at the Event

I and CuteKimani at the Event

Unilag Carnival

Unilag Carnival

The annual AfriCaribbean Festival organized by the Department of Creative arts, Faculty of Arts, Unilag took place yesterday the 7th of July, 2011. The festival being a 2nd semester year 3-course and a part of their examination.
The participating students gave it their best shot under a not-smiling type of rain and weather. They paraded the university with enthusiasm and joy before coming together for their Final performance.
Mr. Cornel Best the lecturer in charge of the course made it known that this festival was borne 6years ago when the then HOD Prof. Bode Osanyin was ill. He and his colleague Mr. Otun Rasheed pioneered the movement in 2005.
Students of the department are annually given countries and made to learn their culture and present it to their panelist and audience. The countries for Africa are: Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, South Africa etc and Jamaica, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago etc for the Caribbean’s.
While reading out their score Mr. Otun Rasheed made it known that there was no group that failed. The best group and costume award was given to Trinidad and Tobago coached by a former student of the department a current Masters student, Kayode Rasheed. Brazil came out best overall with 98.5% slightly surpassing Trinidad and Tobago who had 98%.
Companies like “Power horse” took interest in the event and sponsored them including some media agencies. “Estol props media” was also there to lend helping hands to various groups.



  1. ℓ remember this carnival. It rained ßυt that didn’t prevent them from having fun tho. ℓ wasn’t really around cos ℓ was at a compulsory program at the main auditorium struggling for food. ℓ☺ℓ! Nice write . You should guest-post on my blog sometime 🙂


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