While I was reading through a book written by Leonard Ravenhill on Revival God’s way, I came across a portion in Chapter 11 that really got my attention, while Mr. Leonard was sharing his burden on the prayer poverty in the pulpit of many churches today, he included a poem written by Margaret Anderson “The Cry of a Distressed Soul” which I have decided to share on this page.

This poem lays emphasis on God’s lamentation in Jer12:10 about the men of God who have destroyed the house of God because of their lackadaisical attitude to the things of the Spirit.

As E.M Bounds rightly said that a prayerless minister of God is a powerless minister and such person kills the congregation spiritually and it is only a matter of time before it is manifested in the physical.

I pray the Holy Spirit will interpret this to you as you read in Jesus’ name

O preacher, holy man, hear my heart weeping;
I long to stand and shout my protests:
Where is your power? And where is your message?
Where is the Gospel of mercy and love?
Your words are nothingness! Nothingness! Nothingness!
We who have come to listen are betrayed.

Servant of God, I am bitter and desolate.
What do I care for perfection of phrase?
Cursed be your humor, your poise, your diction.
See how my soul turns to ashes within me.
You who have vowed to declare your Redeemer,
Give me the words that would save!

– Margaret Chaplin Anderson