Gala: UAC’s Headache

UAC's Gala

UAC’s Gala

I was recently discussing with a friend about the headache which UAC is presently going through on its precious baby ‘Gala’ and how they need to act fast before they lose their substantial market share to their ’emerging and re-emerging devils’, when I saw a fight back from them.

For over 5 decades and more Gala has been leading the Nigerian ‘snacks market’ with a distance but right now their major rivals i.e House of Chi has branded, re-branded and launched, two products into that category, this is solely to checkmate the rulership of UAC’s Gala and move to that position (this is the desire of every brand).

These two products are Beefie and Super bite which are running separately, garnering and tapping into the wealth of this market, building brand loyalty and speedily covering the distance and edge that Gala has over them.
For example Beefie’s major communication is that it is Large and filling; and if you are the consumer who is not interested in something big then you can go for something easy to bite (super Bite) and also not to talk about its variant Super Bite Chilli.

I observed that although Gala’s heritage and first mover advantage into this market is unquestionable but if something is not done as to how they can cover and retain the grounds they are gradually losing to their competitors, they might just end up having a ‘name’ without sales.(Just the same way consumers say ‘I want to buy Maggi and when asked which type they say ‘Knorr’)

It was while still pondering on this observation that I saw ‘Kingsway chilli’ (a product of UAC) in the hands of a colleague which proved my hunch right and to me is a positive response to the current threat, let’s just hope Kingsway makes headways in the market.

This only points to the fact that in this competitive world no brand should relax and stop adding value to its product because it leads its market for as the Bible rightly said let him that thinks he stands take caution lest he falls.