Top 5 Rebranding of 2014

There are two kinds of people that rebrand- the want tos and the have tos.  A company can decide to change its corporate direction due to some inevitable or some projected circumstances, so says the revered Corporate Identity Consultant, Tony Spaeth.

Rebranding as a phenomenon is gradually gaining grounds in the Nigerian industry. Gone are the days when brands care less about their image and relationships with their customers.

Most times the battle for relevance and the need to maintain a differentiated position in the minds of the consumer have often driven companies to rebrand.

Rebranding is the process of updating, revitalizing and repositioning a brand; the creation of a new look and feel for an established product, service, company etc.

The Top five rebranding that took the centre stage in 2014 has been selected. They are:



Earlier in the year, First Bank of Nigeria unveiled a refreshed and rejuvenated corporate identity. This was designed to reflect the company’s strategic direction and position the company to meet the future needs of the market.

The new corporate identity is aimed at repositioning the business to ensure its gets Gold standard in terms of services, access to financial services solutions and value creation.

For Mr. Bisi Onasanya, the group’s Chief Executive Officer, “Our new identity is far from being am image or logo, our brand interacts with our stakeholders and demonstrates an understanding of their busy modern lives or businesses, to support their aspirations.

FBN's New Logo

FBN’s New Logo

“The new corporate identity has been refreshed to ensure that the FBN Group continues to be at the fore front of the African financial services industry.

“It combines 120 years old heritage that is central to our identity with a commitment to sustainable practices and highest level of professionalism in the industry,” he noted aptly.

The brand synonymous with the colour blue retained its iconic elephant in its new identity, but with a few noticeable changes.

Such changes noticed were:

First, the elephant’s head had been lifted and tusk is larger, fore head wider, ears less pointy, trunk longer and the eyes looking upwards.

Second, placement of the organization’s name in place of the elephant’s hind leg.

Chivita launch

Chivita launch

The House of Chi took a bold step to effect change to one of its products: Chivita Premium. This was done by the removal of the “Premium” and replacing it with “100%” with an all new improved pack.

According to a statement released by the organization, “operating in a challenging economy like Nigeria where marketing a brand is a complex and highly competitive task, finding a clear message that works with the consumer may be the most difficult part of building a brand identity but by renaming Chivita to reflect the most crucial idea at the heart of the brand which is the 100% Pure Fruit juice that contains no added sugar, no preservatives and no added colours, Chivita has solidified its market leadership”.

To further drive the consumer’s attraction to “Chivita 100%,” the variant name now appears as ‘Real Orange’ or ‘Real Apple’ on the new pack different from the just ‘Orange or Apple’ on the old pack.

The rebranding also led to the signing of an endorsement deal with Manchester Football Club, England which is presently being reflected in their communications.


Dangote Noodles New Pack

Dangote Noodles New Pack

Dangote Noodles restated its interest and commitment in the Nigerian Noodles market this year.  This is seen through the introduction of its new and improved Dangote Noodles which are now in new packs.

Managing Director, Dangote Noodles, Mr. Vasu Moodley, said that asides the fact that the rebranding was to attract customers, we also want to state our seriousness in this business and our seriousness about making impart in all our categories.

He also noted that the company is committed to providing quality produce and building reputable brand that drive consumer preference and in the never ending bid to achieve absolute consumer satisfaction, the company has improved the formulation of it noodles.

The Ultimate Redefined

The Ultimate Redefined

Premium lager beer, Gulder took up an innovative look this year. This only came after its 44 years in the Nigerian alcoholic beverage market.

The Marketing Director, Mr. Walter Drenth, describes the new bottle as the most innovative in Nigeria. He said “what we have done is to take Gulder from a 1970 bottle and transformed it to a 2020 bottle.

A brandish reporter noted that it took Gulder over 40 years to admit it sexuality before its fans and followers. “For the first time in its life Gulder has made it clear that it is the beer for men. This he believes, is a major statement of intent as well as promise from the brand and although it is very uncommon for brands to make such unambiguous admission, one can safely say that the ‘men’ Gulder is targeting will soon begin to stroll towards the brand that has been made for them.

The new Gulder bottle has several revolutionary attributes which includes a premium staniol, gold neck seal, conical shaped neck, strong masculine shoulder with Gulder embossment, distinctive metalized label and a refreshed Gulder label. It also has a tapered waist to emphasize the stamina. The Gulder bottle is also the first bottle with a double-sided embossing which aids gripping when the bottle is wet.

Imperial Homes New Identity

Imperial Homes New Identity

In compliance with the Central Bank of Nigeria’s regulations and circulars in 2010 revoking universal banking practices in Nigeria, GT Assurance, GTB Asset Management and GTB registrars had to change their names to Mansard Insurance, Investment One and Data Max respectively while GT Homes limited also held under the same clause had to rebrand to Imperial Home Mortgage Ltd.

According to the Managing Director, Ben Akaneme, “Our goal will continue to be the provision of excellent services. The core values that GT Homes inherited from GT Bank remain the guiding principle for imperial homes. We remain the same people, the same institution operating with the same core values despite our name change”.

He also noted that the new look is a brief description of their brand; the orange and gray continue to represent their friendly, professional and trustworthy nature. The four sides of the box (represented by the acronym-FIQS) signify their customer focus, customer service innovativeness and total quality management while the “I” in the box represents their intensity and single-minded focus on their customers.


I am That Man…

I am that man

I am that man

I am that man who is crippled by the views of others
I cherish what people say about me that it navigates my life
But really can I help it?
Their word pierces and cuts through like a knife often making the words of Christ a mere fable.

I am that man who leads the movement “If you can’t beat them Join them”
The world and everything it has to offer are just too sweet and wonderful.
I can’t imagine leaving that for anything
Ma je aye ori mi. Emi o mo eyin ola

I am that man who would rather tell a lie when around friends and cry in my closet than be honest
I am that man who knows the right path but threads the other
Well is that bad? Am only trying out new stuff!

I am that man who loves the word rather the world! No I mean the Word
But even in the midst of this physical and outward braggado, in the calmness and stillness of my soul and spirit
There is this constant consciousness that a vacuum is in me that not even the pleasures of the world or the slimy words of men can fill.
A Vacuum! An Emptiness! A Longing!
I know just one person who can fill it!
Even though most times I feel far and far and far away from Him

I am that man who still wonders why Christ loves me even with the Unspeakable and Unthinkable hideous ills have done

I am that man…