I am That Man…

I am that man

I am that man

I am that man who is crippled by the views of others
I cherish what people say about me that it navigates my life
But really can I help it?
Their word pierces and cuts through like a knife often making the words of Christ a mere fable.

I am that man who leads the movement “If you can’t beat them Join them”
The world and everything it has to offer are just too sweet and wonderful.
I can’t imagine leaving that for anything
Ma je aye ori mi. Emi o mo eyin ola

I am that man who would rather tell a lie when around friends and cry in my closet than be honest
I am that man who knows the right path but threads the other
Well is that bad? Am only trying out new stuff!

I am that man who loves the word rather the world! No I mean the Word
But even in the midst of this physical and outward braggado, in the calmness and stillness of my soul and spirit
There is this constant consciousness that a vacuum is in me that not even the pleasures of the world or the slimy words of men can fill.
A Vacuum! An Emptiness! A Longing!
I know just one person who can fill it!
Even though most times I feel far and far and far away from Him

I am that man who still wonders why Christ loves me even with the Unspeakable and Unthinkable hideous ills have done

I am that man…


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