5 Lessons I’ve Learnt Over A Decade #SpotOn

In the premier edition of #SpotOn, a peek is taking into the mind and life of a marketing pundit, one of the brains behind the Lumia Smartphone, Mayor Esiaba, Marketing Campaigns and Activations Lead, Microsoft West Africa.

Mayor has painstakingly revealed valuable tips and life lessons which cuts across his days in Gtbank, Guiness Nigeria, Nokia and then Microsoft West Africa that has spring board him over a decade and this I strongly believe would sure inspire and keep you thriving.

Experience is a safe light to walk by, and he is not a rash man who expects to succeed in the future from the same means which have secured it in times past- Wendy Philips

I bet you never knew this marketing guru took the road not taken, coming out of a family strongly rooted in the pharmaceutical industry as you would find out in this interview..

Sit back, relax, enjoy and more importantly apply these truths to your life.


1) What are the 5 Life lessons you’ve learnt over the course of your corporate life?

Well, the last 10 years have been a rollercoaster. I have been tremendously lucky in my career with things seeming to have worked out for the most part.

  • First and probably most importantly, you have to be passionate and truly believe in the transformative power of the work that you do. This is not something that you can fake and usually shines brightest during moments of doubt and pressure.
  • Secondly, build your spheres of influence and recognize that people will provide the sunlight you’ll need to get through the dark tunnels of your career.
  • Thirdly, it’s alright to ask for help.
  • Fourthly, get a hobby. I pretend to be a famous musician who’s married to Pop start, Beyonce Knowles.
  • Finally, breathe, relax, and make sure you don’t take life too seriously. Things always find a way to work out.

2) What prompted your cross from Pharmacy to MarComms?

Well, I wouldn’t say that there was a moment I ‘crossed’ really. I come from a close family of Pharmacists, and as such it will always be something I am passionate about. My Father says he’s sure his family has some sort of Guinness Book of World Records for the most number of pharmacists in one family. So getting a degree in Pharmacy was not really something that was debated or discussed. It just was; sort of like daylight. No matter what it was going to happen, there was no doubt in my mind I would go to Pharmacy School.

Post Pharmacy School however, I was now clear that what I wanted to do had to give me the freedom that allowed me wear a Dress Jacket and Jeans to work. In other words, a profession that allowed me flex creative muscles and the same time being laser focused on business outcomes. This was how I sauntered into Marketing & Business Management.
3) What can you say motivates you and keeps you going?

I have been tremendously lucky and really although looking back all of it seems to indeed now sort of make sense. Of course, there are moments of despair, but I can be hopeful with each little success we tick off.
4) Your top three most inspiring books would be?

Readers are Leaders; or at least can pretend to be Leaders. The World doesn’t have a shortage of talented writers. It would be a near travesty to simply select 3 books. I will however attempt to share 3 authors who have had a profound influence in the way I have grown up to see the World around me.

These 3 authors however, have a body of work which spans written and visual that truly inspires me.

  1. GRR Martin/JRR Tolkien: A Song of Ice & Fire and the Lord of the Ring series. Although JRR led me to GRR, I consider these two Men, masters of fictional storytelling. It’s not only their ability to weave complex narratives that defies our current understanding of the eternal battle of Good vs Evil, it’s also the ability of these stories to inspire other fans to even more insane origin stories and fan theories. This absolutely ensures that long after they are gone, their gifts of the word will be gifts that keep on giving.
  2. Doris Kearns Goodwin: is my favorite American Presidential Historian. She takes something that is boorishly cantankerous, and effortlessly manages to show us the human streak in these demi-gods we would never in a million years have seen.
  3. Jon Stewart: and my Father are easily my biggest influences in politics. Jon has an ability to parley his knowledge of America’s complex political landscape with humor that not only offer’s new insights and understanding, but ensures you’re laughing and learning. This Man is one of my biggest political heroes; moreso with the new generation of political satirists he has managed to put give even bigger platforms to help us hold our leaders accountable.


5) How do you handle pressure?

I have a terrible habit; I chew my nails, sometimes bothering on almost self-cannibalism. Being under pressure is a very normal part of being alive. Much more so, with the tandem of working in the corporate side of things in Nigeria. You can only do your best and hope that the passion you have for your vision is enough power through the difficult moments and light your way to success.
6) To be a ‘Mayor Esiaba’ what are the ‘Must haves’

I recently took the Narcissistic Personality Inventory test. I will not talk about my NPI test results, but would simply encourage you and your readers to take this test as well http://time.com/3136687/narcissist-quiz/ These 40 questions would truly force you to reconsider if indeed we aren’t all latent narcissists.

I will therefore not be able to provide any answer to this question that wouldn’t border on being narcissistic. I would rather encourage everyone to try to be the very best version of themselves. Although this is a very difficult task, it is one that ultimately brings the fulfilment and joy we all seek.

Watch Out for the next edition of #SpotOn!


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