How Great is Your Idea?

When I was much younger, I heard someone say all human beings are entitled to 5 minutes madness daily. I don’t know how true that is, but I think its absurd and scary. It means someone who lives for 70 years has spent about 127,750 minutes in madness; approximately 90 days as a mad man.
Contrary to that, I believe every one is entitled to a life time of greatness.

Greatness is a choice, you too can be great.

Ever wondered how people develop multi-billion dollar ideas? You read someone’s story and wish you had the idea instead, in some cases its a very simple idea and you feel you could have done better if you were in the person’s shoes.

The secret to being great is execution.

Execution starts with a paper and biro or any writing material, even your notepad, thanks to technology. Every now and then, ideas popup in our heads, great ideas that we neglect.
How do you know an idea isn’t great if you never executed it?

To execute that idea that came jokingly which probably has the potential of greatness, the first step is to write it down.
No matter how good your brain is, you are bound to forget some things every now and then, and if not the entire idea, some key elements.
When you write it down, you can always go back to it, re-read, develop, make it better and plan towards it.

After you must have written it down, take your time to think carefully about it, then go back and re-edit the idea.

The next step is to write down an execution/operations plan.
Your plan could be to start the execution now, next 5 years, lesser or more, but most importantly, write down a plan with a time frame and a deadline. Often times, go back to the idea and just re-read for the sake of it, new ideas will definitely come out of it.

Whatever your execution plan is, be disciplined and work according to it.
This is where you need to combine hard wok, consistency and strategy to keep you pushing.

Greatness is relevant;

No matter how great your idea is, you need to clearly define the goal and the vision of your idea. No one else can see your vision clearer than you, no one else can execute your idea better than you.

The next step will be to seek opinions from those around you, could be parents, friends, mentors etc. Since its still an idea, you can’t patent or copyright just an idea, so be careful how you present it and who you present it to. Choose those you’ll work with strategically and tell God about it. You might also consider expressing your idea in Power Point to look more vivid, but most importantly, start the idea, no one will take you serious if you have not started something. A business plan and financial projections are also necessary, don’t skip that part.

Procrastination will kill the idea even before maturity.

Criticism is good; only if you use it to get better. So far you’re sure of your goal and vision, don’t let anyone discourage your greatness, they can’t see what you’re seeing. If you’re doing it for the right reasons, with the right attitude and the right people, You can and you will be great.

By Ehlwittee


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