PECADOMO: Innovation At Its Peak

pecadomo-semoFrieslandCampina Wamco’s most prized asset, Peak Milk is presently on an innovative pedestal to deepen and increase the consumption of its product amongst Nigerians. This has been made possible with the launch of its Pecadomo (Peak Can Do More) initiative, a very thoughtful and applaudable concept that asides telling you the benefit of Peak to your health also present various use cases of the product.

Not many Nigerians would have ever thought about adding Milk to popular dishes like Eba, Wheat, Semo, Abacha and even Poundo Yam but no thanks to Peak Milk, innovation just got real.

Quite remarkable and a bit pastel is that Pecadomo possesses the trappings of a national reorientation amongst all echelons and with the present economic reality, one cannot beg but ask if Change is a noun or a verb.

Even in the midst of these change banter, Peak milk still has a very big opportunity to actively explore the curiosity of the consumer and also retain his interest. Am sure it would be a grave faux pas if the first trial fails to convince the consumer.

The nutritional and health benefits of milk consumption to human wellbeing can’t be overemphasized with studies showing that Milk is a good source of essential minerals and nutrients like Calcium, Potassium and Vitamin D which helps heart and bone health.

As the dairy market thickens with brands like Dano, Three Crowns, Cowbell, Jago and more recently Popular, vying for the top spot, up beating strategies to capture the C-E which constitutes a larger percent of the consumer. It is only normal for the market leader to sit tight and explore.

Having had a strong root in the Nigerian market with over 6 decades presence and arguably the Market leader, Peak milk did step down its high horse recently to cater for the lower class. This was marked with the launch of the Wazobia pack earlier this year.

Would you love to add milk to your favourite meals or not? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.