Many companies are annually waking to the reality that their brand is not what is penned in ink but what the consumer actually thinks it is. And like an old and over worn cloth, a brand has the tendency of fading or better still losing its taste and position in the minds of the stakeholders.

2015 can as well be tagged as a Re(al)branding  year, with many expected and unexpected, some necessary and others unnecessary brand re-launching.

Last year we saw brands like Gulder etch a new line into the tapestry of history with its bold declaration and remarkable positioning of the brand solely to the male folks. This year was a double as some brands most especially financial institutions, took the wise path.

Below are my top 5 identity adjustment of 2015:

wema logo5.    Wema Bank: Wema happens to be one of the many Nigerian brands that had a hard time convincing customers they still got game. After over 7 decades in existence, it was only expected that there be an identity refreshing. The new image did gain wide acceptance among larger percent of the populace. But quite unfortunate that one of its pivotal asset wasn’t novel but still the point had been made.

4.    FBN Quest: which is a strategic unification of all the subsidiaries of FBN Holdings under a single identity and a new name. This perhaps is the direction multifaceted Nigerian brands should be thinking. FBNQuest, like Google’s Alphabet, houses over 7 functional brands which conveys a unified company ethos and vision.fbn quest logo-main

3.   Union Bank: having survived a great internal scuffle that led to the financial institution’s humpty fall only that this time they had another chance to prove to their departed, loyal and new customers that they were still in the race. And to the amazement of all, Union bank actually went all out and eventually came thriving.union bank

2.   Close Up: The leading toothpaste brand in Nigeria needed to get closer to its customers, reaffirming that this is close up with improved formulation, not just any random brand. Although some saw this as quite unnecessary as close up controls the largest share. But on the flip side this identity adjustment particular to the fonts reflects the importance and value Unilever places on the perception and opinions of their consumers most importantly the youth market.close upL

1.  Interswitch: This fast-pacing B2B brand takes my #1 spot. Having been in existence for over a decade and has been very instrumental in redefining the face of digital payment in Africa specifically in Nigeria, it was only wise for there to be an upgrade to the identity.Interswitch-New This amongst many things reflects the company’s readiness to break into new grounds and maintain the feet already started. This refreshing was also extended to its flagship brands Verve and Quickteller, all bearing a simple, modernized, powerful and globally competitive identities.