When the Rains fell!


I was awakened to a thunderous noise from my deeply cherished friends, some i had known since way back High school and the rest most recently. You could see the excitement on their faces, the joy and the scream.

“It’s your day baby girl, You’re finally going to be a MRS”

These reverbing words sent a cold chill down my spine, as i was nervous, disturbed about many things i couldn’t nomenclate.

As the movement, noise and traffic increased around the house, with my mischievous friends suggesting the best of make-ups to use, i thought to myself quietly.

“Could this be true? Am I going to loose my priced possession to the man I love?”
I wiped my face continuously in disbelieve, it was too good to be true.

This is the beginning of something wonderful and i have to give my best- in smile, in dance and yes in love.

I just couldn’t wait to see my beloved. Now it was time to be finally one with him.

As we got to the entrance of the church, with my hand locked into that of my gleeful father. The pianist played the song i had always admired on television but i still couldnt believe it was for me.

“Here comes the bride”

We patiently followed the rhthym of the song, as the congregation stood in awe, but truth be told my heart was impatient, it had run to meet him. His innocent and loving smile swept me off my feet. i just loved him more.

The priest could feel how desperate we were to get to the end of the ceremony. And as he said

“You may kiss the bride”
The veins of our mouth garnished with a deep love of over 2 years, got ready to express their mutual desire but The last thing i remebered was a distinct, manly violent voice that said “FIRE”

Did i just sleep again?

When i opened my eyes, the church was painted in blood, disarray, and sadness. My beloved was still beside me only that the bullets had taken his heart away. My eyes were soaked
I want to believe i was one of the lucky few that escaped that holocaust

43 years and still counting, i am still looking for the heart of my beloved. My only question was “Why didnt the rain fall a day before or a day after”


Cosmic Cry

Feel the pulse of morn

Dew that reeds the sky

Breathing tenderness,

Softness, innocence

And pity!

Pity for the evil that lay

Lurked in the ways of man

Performed in the heart of the day

with ignorance, despair

And that little thing called Ego
Feel the pulse of noon

Scorch that sons the sun

Bleeding blood,

Anger, death

And hope!

Hope that sanity will thrive

Stupidity n longer dwells

As a celebrated turtle

Receding the race
Feel the pulse of the moon

Retracting like a petrified snail

lulling through the night

Scoping the corrupt

Dance to a sinister tune

drummed with a penchant for revenge

Violence and mischief

Rage clouds the mind

in anticipation for the morn
Only now does it bleed…

Please! Please!

Quell this evil

I am That Man…

I am that man

I am that man

I am that man who is crippled by the views of others
I cherish what people say about me that it navigates my life
But really can I help it?
Their word pierces and cuts through like a knife often making the words of Christ a mere fable.

I am that man who leads the movement “If you can’t beat them Join them”
The world and everything it has to offer are just too sweet and wonderful.
I can’t imagine leaving that for anything
Ma je aye ori mi. Emi o mo eyin ola

I am that man who would rather tell a lie when around friends and cry in my closet than be honest
I am that man who knows the right path but threads the other
Well is that bad? Am only trying out new stuff!

I am that man who loves the word rather the world! No I mean the Word
But even in the midst of this physical and outward braggado, in the calmness and stillness of my soul and spirit
There is this constant consciousness that a vacuum is in me that not even the pleasures of the world or the slimy words of men can fill.
A Vacuum! An Emptiness! A Longing!
I know just one person who can fill it!
Even though most times I feel far and far and far away from Him

I am that man who still wonders why Christ loves me even with the Unspeakable and Unthinkable hideous ills have done

I am that man…